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Maternity, Infant, Baby Photography

You choose any mixture of prints in Color, B&W, or Sepia.

This package works a little differently. In order to truly appreciate the miracle of life, you need a perspective from beginning to end. I would like to provide you with documentation and artistic memories of each step in this journey. Some may not want to have the whole experience documented and saved to reminisce upon in the future, but I feel most would appreciate seeing the changes and growth from the instant you find out you ARE pregnant to the day that your little bundle of joy turns 1 year old. If you only desire pieces of these packages, scroll to the bottom for individual phase pricing.


Maternity/Infant/1st Year Of Life Package - $1,495 (Monthly Payment Plans Available)


  • You'll be able to meet directly with the photographer and correspond via text and/or email to discuss and plan your photo sessions throughout the entire 21 month time-span.
  • One Maternity photo session each month while in this phase. Photos taken at a location of your choice.
  • Custom announcements created just for you from our library of ideas or you can create your own from scratch. (25 printed pregnancy announcements, 25 printed birth announcements, and 25 printed birthday invitations included with additional prints available for purchase on this website). 
  • Infant Shots taken during the 1st week of life (known to be the most precious time to capture infancy). Meet directly with the photographer to plan what shots you would like base upon your ideas and examples that we have available to you.
  • Professional photo sessions taken each month during the 1st year of your child's life. 
  • Each photo session has a 2 hour time limit.
  • Professional photographical coverage of your child's 1st Birthday (complete with the infamous "Cake-Smash" pictures that we have all come to love) (Maximum 5 hours).
  • $299.99 in print credit included in this package.
  • Digital copies of all photos taken available for purchase for an additional $400 charge.
  • You'll receive a 25% discount on any photo sessions you would like to schedule with me after the child's 1st birthday (See our Portraiture section for pricing details).
  • $500 Non-Refundable retainer fee due at time of scheduling. (Applied towards cost of package).


Individual Phase Pricing:


  • Maternity Shots Only:


  • Single Option: $125
    • One 2-hour photo session
    • $49.99 in print credit included in this option.


  • Monthly Option: $695
    • One 30-minute photo session each month for entirety of pregnancy
    • Starting from time of purchase for remainder of pregnancy
    • $199.99 in print credit included in this option


  • Infant/First Year Shots Only:


  • Single Option: $125
    • One 2-hour photo session
    • $49.99 in print credit included in this option


  • Monthly Option: $1095
    • One 2-hour photo session each month of your newborns first year of life
    • $499.99 in print credit included in this option